Internet marketing starts with an
effective website...

We accomplish this by building a new site or upgrading an existing one – you can’t afford to be invisible.


In today’s competitive online market your small business website is a valuable piece of real estate. It’s no longer enough to have a static online ‘brochure’ web site.

We build attractive and search friendly websites that get new customers. Our specialty is building full eye-catching websites using WordPress that is also responsive (mobile friendly).

It is both very search engine friendly and simple to use.

We also upgrade existing websites and offer a complementary review of your existing site. If it can be fixed we will let you know.

Download Speed Optimization

Few things are more annoying and surer to lose prospects than a slow website.

We will balance and optimize the many factors affecting download speed to give your visitors the fastest possible site–so they spend their time reading your message rather than waiting, or worse, leaving!


Our design approach builds a site around three core elements, which are essential to achieving the site objectives and generating site traffic from the correct public.


First is integrating the elements that make a site compatible with search engines with the site structure (the architecture, technical elements, and code) and with the text and marketing message of the site.

This process is an often-unnatural marriage of marketing and technology that is unique to web site development and requires considerable skill.


Second is that the text, visual design and graphic elements all contribute to delivering your marketing message, focusing visitors’ attention and stimulating them to action.

We don’t build more or less than what is needed to achieve the desired effect and avoid cluttering a site with graphics and doodads that don’t contribute to that purpose.


We design with the user’s viewpoint in mind.

The site must be fast; easy to navigate and give the user quick access to the information that answers their questions or solves their problem.

It must also take into account the wide variety of web browsers, browser settings, monitor resolutions and connection speeds that are in use.


Most people initially find web sites via the major search engines. It is vital to ensure that yours can be found there and found specifically for the terms that your public will use to search for your business, industry and services.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral part of our overall web copywriting and design standards.

We will work with you and conduct research to develop a list of the key search terms that are desirable and necessary to reach your public.

We then meld these terms seamlessly into the web site (code, architecture and the visible text) in order to increase the rankings of your pages while still communicating to your target audiences.

We will build the web site from the ground up to make it search engine friendly, utilizing only techniques that we have found to be safe (acceptable to search engines)


  1. You are visible to the searching public. Without a quality website you are invisible online.
  2. A well-designed website with quality content is the first step in being indexed by the search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  3. Sales can utilize it to easily show prospects your products or services along with customer testimonials.
  4. Allows you to grow an email mailing list with sign up forms and offers.

A quality web design is the heart of your small business’s Internet marketing strategy.

Make it a great one!

We offer a free consultation to review your requirements.

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