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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

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The ideal situation for any website is for people to find you on Google when searching for your type of business. For example, someone searches “Shoe Repair Near Me,” and there’s your shoe repair business, top of the page. This source of leads is free and endless — nothing could be better. 

However, getting to that top spot takes time and work.  It could be months or even years until you get there.  How do you get leads coming in TODAY?

The answer is Pay-Per-Click Advertising, which is literally that: your ads are shown to potential customers, and you pay each time someone clicks on those ads. You can do PPC ads in a lot of places; the most common are Google and Facebook ads.

How PPC Advertising Works

First, You Need a Landing Page

The landing page is the where your leads arrive when they click on your ad. This can be the home page of your website, but it is much more effective to create a specific page for each different ad. That way, the page addresses exactly what was contained in the ad that caused the lead to click in the first place.

Create Your Account and Your Ads

Once you have your landing page or pages, you need to create an account with the company you'll advertise with (Facebook or Google usually). Then you start making ads based on your marketing strategy. You can create as many as you want.

Running the Ads and Monitoring

Once everything is set up, you select a budget (how much you want to spend on clicks daily) and begin running the ads. As the ads run, you'll get A LOT of data about who clicks them and how effective they are. Particularly at the beginning, you'll want to pay close attention to which ads are working and which are not. You can then make adjustments till you are seeing success.

What Our Clients are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost?

There are two parts to that answer. One is the cost to hire us to set it up for you and monitor the ads. The other is the cost paid for the ads. 

Our set-up cost is $500 to create your Google Account and Ads, and up to four landing pages. (If your project is more complex, contact us for a quote.) 

Once the ads are running, we charge $150/month for the first three months for monitoring and adjustments. Then it’s $50/month ongoing from there.

As for the costs for the ads themselves, this varies widely, but the simple answer is, “as much as you want.” You can set a daily budget at any level. $10 a day? $6000 a day? You decide.  Finding the right daily budget is an ongoing process. But you have control over what you want to spend. 

Are Results Guaranteed?

There are some things we can guarantee and some we can’t. Specific results in terms of leads and sales cannot be guaranteed. This is due to the fact that we don’t know, especially at the beginning, how competitive your field is, or even if the service or product you offer is of any appeal to potential clients. 

What we can guarantee is that we will create your landing pages and run your ads. We can be sure that potential customers will see those ads.

From there, we cannot make guarantees for results.  

How Long Does it Take?

Creating the Landing pages and ad account can take up to a week.  

Once the ads are set up to run, Google (or Facebook, etc.) will usually review them before running them.  This can take up to 24 hours. Once they are approved, the ads start showing, and your leads can begin coming in. 

Is There a Contract?

We do not require any term of contract. You can start or stop your advertising at any time. 

How Do I Pay for the Ads?

We will set up your Google Ads account with your business credit card, which will be charged for the ads directly. You will receive a bill from Google each month. 

Is PPC Advertising Worth It?

The math here is pretty simple. 

It’s worth it as long as you spend less than you bring in. If you are selling $200,000 renovation jobs, then spending $600 on ads is well worth it. 

If you are selling keychains for $12.95, you don’t have much room to spend on ads and still make a profit. 

You have to look at how many leads you get for how much money, how many of those leads become customers, and then how much your average sale is. Then you can determine what your spending should be and if it is worth it.  Often you won’t know for the first month or so. 

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