Use Local Search to Drive New Business

The emphasis of local SEO (search engine optimization) efforts should be on getting onto page one in the important search engines for your major keywords.


Every business that is “local” should go-all-out to get great results in the search engines for their keywords. You need local SEO (search engine optimization) marketing which is for any business with a physical address and makes face-to-face contact with customers.

Benefits of Local Search SEO

  • The bulk of the business goes to the first few listings in a search result.
  • Local search results generates more focused traffic which will increase your conversion-to-sale ratio.
  • You can measure how your business is doing vs. competitors.
  • Local SEO is the new yellow pages. Remember if you are not visible in the local search results, the business goes to your competitors.

Convert local search results into sales – ensure your site has a call to action such as call now, order now, etc.



May also have locations in other cities. E.g. local grocery store.


Veterinarian, Chiropractor, Dentist

Service Firms

May also have locations in other cities.

Each of these local businesses will have a geographic area that they service. E.g. a Veterinarian may service a 20-mile area around their clinic. Some clients may come from further away, but the bulk of their business is within that radius.

In a metro area that 20 miles could include multiple cities. E.g. a Veterinary Hospital in Surrey, BC could also service nearby Delta, BC. Thus, the geo (short for geographic) targeting would be both Surrey and Delta BC.

Challenges for Local Businesses

Not all keywords have the same importance. E.g. for a veterinarian in Victoria the major keywords would likely be: veterinarian, animal hospital, and animal clinic. Not keywords like clipping dog toenails.

Major (important) keywords are determined in a keyword analysis.

Search engine optimization can take time. Pay Per Click (paid) advertising is an immediate option to rank for the physical location. It requires a budget to pay the search engines. Ads can be placed for specific location(s) and demographics.

It is vital to monitor search rankings and adjust as needed to improve the results.

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